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Apple Airpods Max complete review | Are they really worth it or not???

In this article, we are doing a Apple Airpods Max complete review. We will discuss everything about unboxing, design, features, sound quality and whether they worth the price or not ???

Apple Airpods Max complete review

1. Unboxing:

Starting from unboxing, these Airpods Max come in a large box and are one of the best luxury headphones. The Airpods Max will cost you around 550$ and are over-ear headphones. Inside the box, you will see some paperwork, a lightning port cable and the Airpods Max packed inside a smart case. You will find no sticker and no charger inside the box. So in order to keep going with Airpods Max, you will have to buy a charger for around 35$ if you don’t have already.

2. Design & Features:

Physical Features:

In total, these Airpods Max are available in five different colours – Silver, Green, Pink, Space Grey and the Sky Blue. A great thing about Airpods Max is that the earcups are magnetic and you can take them off easily. The earpads can be easily rotated and are made up of aluminium. As for the weight, these Airpods Max are on the heavier side and will weigh you around 385g. The reason why Airpods Max is heavier is that metal is used in manufacturing rather than plastic. And if you become interested in replacing the earcups, you can buy a new one at Apple’s Website for around 69$.

Apple also allows you to put some engraving(some text or emoji) on the Airpods Max free of cost. The headband is made up of mesh which is pretty soft and breathable. Since Airpods Max is heavy in weight, the soft mesh helps you a lot in even weight distribution. As for the smart case, it’s not too great. The smart case doesn’t cover the soft part of the headphones.

Smart Case Usage:

You will have to use the smart case because Airpods Max doesn’t come with ON or OFF button. When you will put the Airpods into the smart case, they will enter the power-saving mode. Otherwise, the Airpods Max will keep on draining the battery even when you’re not using them. Airpods Max is not water or sweat-resistant. Which means that you will have to remain cautious while using them while doing exercise or in a cloudy environment.


As far as the controls are concerned, Airpod Max doesn’t come with the touch controls. There are two buttons at the top of an earcup. A volume toggle for controlling volume. You can also answer calls, can go forward and back by tapping the volume toggle once, twice or three times respectively. Along with the volume toggle, there is a button through which you can switch between transparency and the noise cancellation mode.

Different modes, Wireless range, Battery Life & the Sensor:

The transparency mode of Airpods Max is really great. The noise cancellation mode of Airpods Max is really great. The noise cancellation mode does a great job of cancelling the background noise. It decreases the background noise to a significant level and helps you in getting immersed in your listening. Although you can use the Airpods Max with the android phones but doing so you will cut down many of their features.

The wireless range of Airpod Max is pretty good and you will not find any problem in this regard. They maintain a connection even at a longer distance. As for the mic quality, I will not say that it is damn crazy but It’s just OK. The battery life of Airpod Max is good. It offers a battery life of about 16 to 20 hours with noise cancellation ON. And they also provide you with about 1.5 hours of listening through a quick recharge of about five minutes.

The Airpods Max have sensors in them that detect whether Airpods Max is on your head or not. And Airpods Max automatically stops playing music when you put them off your head but will continue to drain the battery until you put them into the smart case.

3. Sound Quality:

Airpods Max provides you with awesome sound quality. It comes with 40-mm dynamic drivers which enhance the sound quality. Airpods Max also offers you a really cool special audio experience. The special audio experience allows you to detect the source from which the sound is coming which is really cool. As for the bleeding, Airpods Max bleed. When you take the volume above 50%, Airpods Max starts to bleed and the people around you will be able to listen to what you’re listening to.

4. Some Downsides:

Now let’s talk about some downsides of Apple Airpods Max. One downside of Airpods Max is that they are made up of metal. And because of the use of metal, their weight has been increased. Another thing which isn’t really cool is the smart case. The smart case doesn’t cover those parts which are actually soft such as the mesh headband. And also the magnet in the smart case isn’t large to stick accurately. And the third downside is the price. But it will be a downside for some people and not for all. And the reason behind it is discussed later in the article.

5. Whether They Worth It Or Not???:

But Whether they worth it or not??? Actually, Apple Airpods Max is not for those who are going to use it for professional purposes like video editing, etc. Its only good for listening to movies, songs, podcasts, etc. The Airpods Max will prove beneficial for you if you are somebody who is already inside Apple’s Ecosystem. When we compare Airpods Max to some other headphones in the market, two situations come out.

On one side there are the headphones that cost you less than Airpods Max but still provide more value than Airpods Max. While on the other side, there are some high-end headphones like 2k$ or 3k$ headphones. And as compared to those high-end headphones, Apple Airpods Max is providing great value. In the end, it depends on you. Whether you like them or not. And as said earlier, Airpods Max will prove nice for those who are in Apple’s Ecosystem.

So that was our Apple Airpods Max complete review. We hope that you enjoyed reading the Apple Airpods Max complete review and it will help you in making some nice decision.

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