Which are best gaming mouse for league of legends in 2022

Do you wanna know which is the best gaming mouse for league of legends? Well in this article, you will get the answers to all your questions. Along with a good Gaming Keyboard and a good Gaming Headset, a gaming mouse is of great importance in gaming.

A gaming mouse controls all your movements and responses to different activities. These responses can prove game-changers in competitive gaming especially in sniping. If you don’t have a good gaming mouse, then you will not be able to get the most out of your high-end gaming pc and the graphics card.

what is the best gaming mouse:

Before starting, let’s clear what is the best gaming mouse? There are different factors that contribute to a good gaming mouse such as sensor, weight, grip style, dots per inch and counts per inch, etc.

The best gaming mouse is the one which best fits your hands, which has a great sensor, which should have a medium weight, has a great design, has great switches, good battery life if it is wireless, etc.

Since different people have different hand sizes, so its important that the mouse which you’re choosing fits your hands and makes you feel comfortable. We hope that after knowing these factors, you’ve got an idea about what is the best gaming mouse.

Considering these factors, we have made a list of the best gaming mouse for league of legends. All the mice in this list are from the best gaming mouse brands. The list contains both low-budget mice and premium luxury mice.

This means that no matter who you are there is a nice pick for you. We have made this list after a lot of research and we hope that you will find it beneficial. We have listed all the best gaming mouse and now it’s you to choose the one that best fits your hand’s size.

The best gaming mouse for league of legends list:

1. Cooler Master MM720
3. Endgame XM1 RGB
4. Corsair Ironclaw RGB
5. Razer Viper Ultimate

1. Cooler Master MM720:

Cooler Master MM720

Cooler Master MM720 is at the top of our best gaming mouse for the league of legends list. This mouse will cost you around 49$. It’s one of the best gaming mice under 50. This mouse is incredibly light and weighs about 50g.

As for the design, the shape of Cooler Master MM720 is the same as its previous versions. The mouse has perforations with RGB lighting glowing inside the mouse as well as the scroll wheel.

It allows you to change the lighting color in the software. If your hands are slightly bigger in size, then the extended size of this mouse will give you an extra edge and will help you a lot in aiming.

Along with the mouse, you will get a grip tape that you can apply to the mouse body. As for the cable, it is quite soft and lightweight. Cooler Master MM720 comes with optical switches having a lifespan of 70 million clicks.

The value that Cooler Master is providing for such a low price is just amazing. It comes with the best gaming mouse dpi. The dpi switch button is at the bottom of the mouse.

The sensor used in this mouse is 3389 and it does its job quite efficiently. It has 7 dpi profiles which you can easily change from the software. You can easily disable a profile that you are not using.

There are two browser switches at the sides that are curved in the shape. Cooler Master MM720 is the best gaming mouse for fps.

This mouse comes with great quality and features at such a low price. And because of these reasons Cooler Master MM 720 is at the top of the best gaming mouse for the league of legends list.

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So Logitech G502 lightspeed is at number 2 in the best gaming mouse for the league of legends list. It’s a wireless mouse. It will cost you around 150$ with the powerplay mouse pad. Logitech is from one of the best gaming mouse brands out there.

There is also another version without the mouse pad and that will cost you around 100$. There is a Logitech logo at the top of the mice. The power button is at the bottom of the mouse along with a removable power plate module.

There is a USB port at the front of the mice for charging. It has a Hero sensor which comes with 100-16000 dpi capabilities. There is a 32-bit ARM processor which comes with onboard storage. It means that you can save the dpi settings, profiles or lighting in your mouse.

The scroll wheel in this mouse is quite hollow and has a rubber accent on it for improved grip. As for the weight, this mouse weighs around 114g. Along with the mouse, you will also get a small box. Inside the box, there are six weights(four out of them weigh 2 grams while the remaining two weigh four grams).

There is also a USB receiver and a USB extension plug in the little box. There are two methods of connectivity. One is by using the plugging the extension into any available slot of your pc or laptop and it will pair automatically.

The second method of connectivity is by using powerplay. The Logitech powerplay mousepad provides you with endless battery life. By using this powerplay mousepad, you don’t need to use the USB receiver. You just have to plug the pad into the pc, then you have to put the powerplay module into the bottom of your mouse and that’s all.

Now whenever you will use this with a powerplay mousepad, you will get two advantages. One that it will automatically get paired and connected and second that whenever you will not be using the mouse, the powerplay mouse pad will start charging it.

As for the battery life, with no RGB lighting, you will get around 60 hours of battery life. And with default RGB, you will get 48 hours battery life.  This is a premium quality mouse. Although, it’s on the pricier side. But the value, design, and features this mouse is offering are amazing. If you can afford it, then we will highly recommend you to go with this one.

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3. Endgame XM1 RGB:

Endgame XM1 RGB

Endgame XM1 RGB is the third one in our best gaming mouse for the league of legends list. This one is the RGB version of Endgame XM1. But the only difference is not the RGB. There many other improvements in this one.

This Endgame XM1 RGB will cost you around 70$. As for size and shape, this relatively a low mouse. As for the RGB, there is an RGB strip that runs around the sides and this strip is a little bit raised at the rear side of the mouse.

Other places where you can see the RGB are the Logo and the scroll wheel. In total, there are 16 different LEDs. You can easily control the RGB’s color from the software. Endgame XM1 RGB weighs around 82 grams and is about 10 grams heavier than the non-RGB version.

As for the dimensions, this mouse is around 120mm long, 66mm at the rear flare, 38mm high, 60mm at the front flare, and around 58mm at the grip. Another important change in the RGB version is the addition of thickness in the feet. And this has greatly improved the glide.

Another change in the RGB is the change of switch under the scroll wheel. It also comes with the best gaming mouse dpi. The switches used in the Endgame XM1 RGB are Mechanical KAILH GM 4.0 Switches.

These switches have a higher pitched sound. Although there is some weight increase in Endgame XM1 RGB, the improvements that they’ve made are really amazing. And that’s why this mouse is included in this list.

For those who are a fan of RGB, this version is for you. This is another best gaming mouse for fps. If you’re interested in its specs, then picking up this mouse will not be a wrong choice.

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4. Corsair Ironclaw RGB:

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Moving ahead in our best gaming mouse for the league of legends list, we have Corsair Ironclaw RGB. Corsair Ironclaw RGB is a palm grip mouse. This mouse is priced at 80$. Corsair is also one of the best gaming mouse brands out there.

When compared to the competition, this mouse is neither very expensive nor too budget. In total, there are two zones of RGB lighting. One at the rear side and the other in the scroll wheel.

The switches used in this mouse are of good quality. As for weight, this mouse weighs around 105 grams. The main material used in the construction is plastic. The plastic used in right and left clicks is quite soft and also has rubber on it for a nice grip.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB comes with a total of seven-button including side buttons, click buttons, dpi switches, and the wheel click. The click buttons are a little bit curve in shape.

The switches used in the right and left clicks are Omron switches and these switches have been rated for 50 million clicks. By using the IQ software, you can easily program the buttons. At the bottom, there is a sensor and feet.

The dpi can be adjusted from 100 to 18000. The braided cable that comes along the mouse is about 1.8 meters long. It offers onboard profile storage for up to three profiles. There are also LEDs that act as dpi indicators.

Behind the scroll wheel, there are two buttons. The front one allows profile selection while the rear one offers dpi adjustment. You can also do several customizations if you want in the IQ software. Like you can change the color of RGB and also you can do dpi adjustments.

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5. Razer Viper Ultimate:

Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate is the fifth and the last one in our list of best gaming mouse for league of legends. It will cost you around 100$. Razer is another decent gaming mouse brand out there. Razer Viper Ultimate is the wireless version of the wired viper mouse.

This mouse isn’t much heavier in weight. It weighs about 74 grams. As for the design, it’s almost the same as the wired version. For charging, this mouse doesn’t come with a cable as we see in other wireless mice. It comes with a charging dock having two pogo pins.

To charge the mouse, you will have to put the mouse on the charging dock. This charging dock also has a USB port in which you can plug the receiver instead of plugging it into pc.

There is a rubberized grip on both sides of the mouse. At the top, there is an illuminated Razer logo. There are also two programmable buttons on one side of the mouse. Razer Viper Ultimate also offers the best gaming mouse dpi.

The sensor used in Razer Viper Ultimate is the razer focus plus optical sensor and this can go up to 20000 dpi. The battery life in this mouse has been rated for 70 hours without turning on RGB. The switches in this mouse are optomechanical switches.

The response time of these switches is almost three times faster than traditional ones. These switches have been rated up to 70 million clicks. Except for the left click button, you can reconfigure all the buttons in the software. You can also change the lighting and the dpi setting in the software.

You can also enable the low power mode in the software if the battery of your mouse is low. As for the dimension, it’s 127mm long, 66 mm at its widest, and 38 mm high.

Overall, it’s a medium-sized mouse. At the bottom, there is a power button and a dpi button having five dpi stages. In the end, it’s a great mouse by Razer.

It’s also one of the best gaming mice for fps. And the reason for including it on our best gaming mouse 2022 list is its crazy features. If you are looking for some decent quality gaming moue, then we will highly suggest you to consider this one.

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Some FAQs

So that is all from our “best gaming mouse for the league of legends” article. Please don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts in the comments down below. We hope that you have found this article useful and you may also like: best drag clicking mice

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