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How to Use a DSLR as a Webcam

How to Use a DSLR as a Webcam

You are having an important client meeting and unfortunately don’t have access to your webcam. What will you do then? 

Well, we have a simple solution for you which is to connect your DSLR to your computer and use it as a webcam. Yes, you read it right. When you are in need to attend urgent meetings then use your camcorder or DSLR for recording HD videos for all of those Zoom calls and Skype meetings.

You could use your mobile as a webcam to avoid the hassle of connecting a separate camera, but the picture quality may be subpar.

There are several methods for converting your DSLR into a webcam. Which one you use depends on your camera, if it has USB or HDMI outcome, and whether you’re connecting to a PC or a Mac.

Also, if you intend to run your camera for an extended period, you should mount it on a tripod and communicate it to power. If you just want the best music, you should consider recording your audio with a completely separate microphone instead of the in-camera mic.

DSLR vs webcam

Before we get into how to use a DSLR camera as a webcam, it’s essential to understand the distinction between the two. DSLR stands for virtual singular lens reflex camera, and it refers to a type of digital camera. It combines a single-lens reflex camera’s mechanisms with a digital photography sensor.

A web camera, also known as a webcam, is a video camera which documents or streams video over the internet in real-time. Webcams are less expensive than DSLR cameras despite being smaller and less powerful.

DSLR scanners, like video cameras, must be billed when their battery runs out, so they are plugged in while the desktop or laptop powers webcams into that.

Webcams are ordinary among many live streamers, and high-quality webcams are available to improve the performance of your live video. However, if you require even higher quality or Already have a DSLR camera and do not wish to purchase a new webcam, a DSLR camera is an excellent choice.

The inability to adapt the “zoom” on webcams is a significant disadvantage. Webcams have a wide field of view because they are developed to function very closely, with the filmed model approximately 50-70cm in front of the lens.

This is a significant concern when choosing the right photo studio frame. Because of the wide frame, every backstory is too narrow, and the people taking photos – who stand very near the photo studio and are pretty “small” – do not fill the frame.

External microphones can be connected to either option to improve audio quality and remove ambient and backstory noise for clear and crisp sound.

WebcamDigital SLR
photo qualitylowhigh
video qualitylowhigh
GIF animation qualitylowhigh
manual parameter setting (Tv, Av, ISO)noyes
zoom optionnono yes yes

How to Set it Up

After you’ve purchased your here that, you can consider pairing it with your DSLR. Don’t worry about hiring a professional; just essential to follow our step-by-step orders to the letter.

Additional Steps

If you need to use Skype for your DSLR, go to the Tools menu and choose Video and Audio Capture Device. When using Video chat to talk to friends, conduct video interviews, or hold conference video calls, your DSLR can act as a webcam.

Streamers can use the OBS software for streaming live by heading to Settings, Broadcast Configurations, and then Live Streaming. Select ‘File outcome only’ in the same programme section to save video content to your desktop.

It may be worth the investment in a tripod for your DSLR to stand on for more stable video recording, so you can also buy an auxiliary input to connect to your gadget for better sound quality.


If you have the necessary tools and applications, simply switching out your webcam for a DSLR camera is simple. It could also enhance the quality of your video calls and live streams. You’ll never want to use a webcam again after using a DSLR camera for streaming live!

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