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Which is the best type of keyboards for gaming in 2022

Besides a good gaming pc and a monitor, a good gaming keyboard also affects your gaming experience greatly. Considering this fact, we have presented to you a list of the best type of keyboards for gaming.

A good gaming keyboard makes you more immersive in your gaming. Our list of the best type of keyboards for gaming contains keyboards for every kind of person. Whether you are low on budget or you wanna buy a luxury premium quality keyboard, there is a pick for you in this list.

There are different factors that contribute to a good gaming keyboard such as material and design, key layout, appearance, extended functions, stability, etc.

We have made our list of best gaming mechanical keyboard by considering all these factors. We have prepared this list after a lot of research and we hope that it will prove beneficial for you and will help you in making some nice decision.

Note: All the prices mentioned in this article are according to the time of writing the article. You can check the latest price by visiting the links given at the end of each product. Thanks!

The best type of keyboards for gaming:

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro
2. HyperX Alloy Origins Core 
3. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
4. Razer Huntsman Elite
5. Durgod Venus RGB 
6. Corsair K100 RGB Optical 
7. Womier K87 

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro:

SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro is at number 1 in our best type of keyboards for gaming list. It will cost you around 200$. This gaming keyboard isn’t much large in size. It will provide you with a premium gaming experience.

As of design, SteelSeries Apex Pro comes with an ergonomic design. The main reason why we selected this one in our list of the best gaming keyboard is that SteelSeries Apex Pro allows you to manage actuation in its keys.

If you like to hammer one key as quickly as possible, the per-key actuation can help you a lot in this regard. It allows you to change the keyboard settings without opening them in your pc.

With per key actuation, you can tune the keys with the force you are actually typing. Full customization of keys is the feature that makes this keyboard superior to others. With the help of the one-click mute function, you can easily adjust the volume.

SteelSeries Apex Pro allows you to change RGB lighting, switch profiles, key actuation, etc. Although this keyboard is on the pricier side, it will provide a great gaming experience and performance. If you’re looking for a luxury and premium quality keyboard then SteelSeries Apex Pro is specially built for you.

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2. HyperX Alloy Origins Core:

 HyperX Alloy Origins Core

The second one in our best type of keyboards for gaming list is HyperX Alloy Origins Core. It will cost you around 90$. This keyboard comes with an aluminium body with a plastic bottom. It is not much large in size.

HyperX Alloy Origins Core comes with a portable and compact design. This keyboard comes with keyboard feet that allow you to set different tilt levels. To provide portability, this keyboard comes with a USB type-c cable.

With HyperX Ngenuity software, HyperX Alloy Origins Core offers you advanced customizations. This keyboard weighs about 840g and is a little heavier. And the reason behind this is its aluminium body.

The switches in this keyboard are partially exposed. This keyboard looks quite simple and aesthetic. The keycaps in HyperX Alloy Origins Core are made from thick ABS plastic and are laser etched.

Just to mention, these keycaps are replaceable. If you’re someone who is a fan of Numpad, then you can go with its full version which includes a Numpad.

The key feature of HyperX Alloy Origins Core is its key switches. The key switches used in this keyboard are HyperX red switches. These key switches weigh approximately 45g which is ideal for gaming.

HyperX Alloy Origins Core has about 80 million keystroke lifespan. As for the software, this keyboard comes with Ngenuity software.

And HyperX is providing all this value within 90$. Hands down. If you are looking for a high-quality keyboard but at a really affordable price, then this keyboard will be a good choice.

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3. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Moving ahead in our best type of keyboards for gaming list, we have Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. It will cost you about 170$. This keyboard comes with a wrist rest which is removable. This pad is a magnetic reversible pad.

There are some people who like smooth pad while there are others who love textured ones. This problem is removed by a magnetic reversible pad since it has both surfaces. It has smooth and responsive keys. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum comes with dynamic multi-colour RGB lighting.

It has three brightness controls at the top left, while sound dial and multimedia function keys on the top right corner. As of design, this keyboard comes with an ergonomic design. It has RGB lighting all around it. The Corsair logo at the top also comes with RGB lighting.

On the backside, there is a cross-shaped channel for the passage of your mouse and headset cable. At the top of the keyboard, there is a USB pass-through. It has 8MB of storage for storing profiles.

A great difference between this platinum version and the standard k95 RGB is that you get only one row of macro keys in the platinum version. The main selling point in this keyboard is its manufacturing and material quality. The quality of this keyboard is really amazing.

One con of this keyboard is that it has no audio jack. If you’re looking for a keyboard that should have premium built quality and should last longer then this keyboard will be a good choice for you. With all these features, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum deserves to get a space in our best type of keyboards for gaming list.

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4. Razer Huntsman Elite:

Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite is the fourth one in our list of the best type of keyboards for gaming. It will cost you around 200$. On the top right corner, there are multimedia keys and a multimedia dial. You can use this multimedia wheel as a shortcut for launching different programs. This keyboard also has crazy RGB lighting.

It allows you to change the lighting effects. There are different effects available such as breathing effect(in which it seems like breathing different colours in and out), reactive light up the keys(in which you press and then fades out), ripple(in which it spreads the light just like water when we throw a stone in it), etc.

This keyboard comes with a wrist rest and has rounded edges. The material of the wrist rest is really comfortable. It offers you two different height adjustments at the back. Razer Huntsman Elite also has RGB lighting all around it.

This keyboard also comes with five onboard profile which can be used to store some changes. Unlike the previous one, this keyboard doesn’t have a USB pass-through on the upper side. With this keyboard, you can do a lot of things on this without even touching the software.

Another great thing in Razer Huntsman Elite is its optomechanical switches. As of looks, this keyboard is quite simple and modern looking. There is also an original Huntsman which will cost you around 150$ but it will not include any dedicated media key, any side glow and wrist rest.

As the name shows, Razer Huntsman Elite is a premium quality keyboard and that’s one of the reasons for adding Razer Huntsman Elite to the best type of keyboard for the gaming list.

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5. Durgod Venus RGB:

Durgod Venus RGB

Durgod Venus RGB is the fifth-one in the best type of keyboards for gaming list. It will cost you around 109$. This keyboard comes in an aluminium frame with no height adjusting capability.

Durgod Venus RGB has a USB A to USB C cable. It has 60% layout. There is just a rubber block instead of a height adjuster. It weighs around 750g and comes with a USB type-c pass through.

The font of this keyboard is really neat and clean. This keyboard has a large number of switch options such as Cherry black, blue, brown and red and many more. There is a layer of dampening material inside the case which makes the case ping virtually non-existent.

The gap between the keycaps and the bezels is quite large. As for the design, it looks quite simple and clean. As Durgod Venus RGB is smaller in size, therefore it gives you more room for your mouse.

The keycaps of this keyboard are available in a range of key switches such as Kailh, Gateron and CherryMX. If you wanna go clickies, Kailh Box white and jades are great. For linear, Gaterons will be a good pick.

On the inner side of the keyboard, there is a dampening pad. The plate inside the keyboard is made of aluminium instead of steel and that is really cool. If you’re looking for great quality at a relatively low price, then this keyboard will prove beneficial for you.

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6. Corsair K100 RGB Optical:

Corsair K100 RGB Optical

Corsair K100 RGB Optical is one of the best types of keyboards for gaming and it comes at the number six in our best type of keyboards for gaming list. This keyboard will cost you around 230$. The body of this keyboard has a very neat and clean look.

This keyboard has a subtle 44 zone strip of LED lights around it. There isn’t even a single flex to the frame of keyboard at all which clearly shows its built quality. This keyboard is quite slim with a Full-sized layout.

On the top right corner, Corsair K100 RGB Optical has a mute button and just below this button, it comes with four playback buttons. The mute button is quite flat and has RGB illumination around it.

At the forehead of the keyboard, there is a glossy illuminatedCorsairlogo with RGB lighting. There are several key indicators at the forehead of the keyboard along with the Corsair logo.

On the top left of the keyboard, there is a dial. You can easily configure this dial to your desired usage inside the software. Initially, this dial comes with the default presets. After pressing the dial, different colours start shining inside the dial.

The red colour is for recording macros and blue is for adjusting the brightness of RGB. On the left side of the dial, you have your profile key for the switching of hardware profiles while on the right side of the dial you will find a window lock.

Corsair K100 RGB Optical also comes with a magnetic wrist rest. This wrist rest is made of quite smooth and soft foam with “Corsair” written in the middle.

At the very left side of the keyboard, there are six metallic keys with metal finish. They also have the integration with the Elgato stream deck. On the back of the keyboard, you will find the cable channels for routing cables. It also has flip-out feet for height adjustment.

On the upper side of the keyboard, there is a USB pass-through. As this keyboard is the premium flagship of Corsair, that’s why it’s quite expensive. If you got impressed by the features that it offers and you can afford it then you can go with this one.

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7. Womier K87:

Womier K87

Womier K87 is the seventh and the last keyboard in our best type of keyboards for gaming list. This keyboard will cost you around 80$ and is the best budget gaming keyboard out there. It comes with a cleaning brush, keycap and switch pullers and a USB type-c cable.

As for the switches, this keyboard comes with a variety of switches such as Gateron black, blues, browns, reds and yellows. The dimensions of this keyboard are 14*37 cm. The USB port is located just at the upper side of the keyboard.

The main material used in its manufacturing is Plexiglass which also called as Frosted Acrylic. Because of this material, the keyboard has quite less weight. This glassy like material takes your RGB experience to the next level by popping out the RGB lights.

The body of this keyboard is made up of three layers. The bottom layer has rubber feet which provide an incline to the keyboard. The middle layer is quite flexible. While the top one is the main layer which includes switches.

The keycaps in this Womier K87 are made up of PBT instead of ABS. The keycaps look really simple and neat in design and the font design on the keycaps is also quite minimalistic.

Womier K87 allows you to do your desired customization. If you are looking for a cheap and budget gaming headset, then you can choose this one.

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So that is all from the “best type of keyboards for gaming in 2022” article. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments down below. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article useful and you may also like to read: best wow gaming keyboards

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