Which are the best smoke spots in dust 2

Dust 2 is one of the most widely played maps in the CS: GO. And knowing about some of the best smoke spots can really give you an edge in your game. Learning about some of the best smoke spots in dust 2 will significantly help you in taking your game to next level.

In this article, we have added tutorials that will give you complete info on how some decent smoke spots in the legendry Dust 2 map. The tutorials mentioned in this article will let you know about different spots for throwing smoke in one place.

The procedure of executing these smoke throws is going to be different from one another. There are some smoke throws for which you will have to jump, while there are others for which you will have to run a little bit.

You will have to execute some smoke throws while sitting and there are also some smoke throws for which you will have to run and jump at the same time. But I ensure you that after learning about these smoke spots, you will have an edge over the others and it will improve your gaming performance.

These tutorials contain the complete guide and we are very much sure that they will prove useful for you. So without further waiting, let’s get straight into them.

Tutorials for best smoke spots in dust 2:

As mentioned before, in this section, we have mentioned some amazing video tutorials that have proved useful for a large number of people out there and they will certainly help you too. Make sure to watch them completely and carefully look and learn about every single detail mentioned in them.

If you don’t get the methods mentioned in those tutorials, then watch them again. And we are very much sure that after repeatedly watching them, you will become able to execute them properly.

Just to mention, try your best to follow the methods mentioned in these tutorials in the exact same way and we hope that you will get the results.

First Tutorial:

This one is the first tutorial. It has been published recently and contains all the latest information. All the methods mentioned in this tutorial are the ones that work and will prove effective for you.

This tutorial contains around 40-50 best spots for smoke throws. All of them are working methods and you will find them really useful.

Second Tutorial:

This one is the second tutorial as it was published about one earlier than the previous one. Many of the methods mentioned in the above tutorials are the same, however, there are also some unique methods as well.

Just to mention, in the second tutorial, the methods are mentioned in a more detailed way. So it might be easier for you to completely understand them.

Some FAQs

In this section, we have answered some frequently asked questions related to smoke spots in the dust 2. So please have a look at them and we hope that they will prove useful for you.

Where can you smoke on dust 2?

In the dust 2 maps, there are different places where you can smoke throw in a perfect way. Those places/spots are in a large number and knowing about them will prove useful for you in your gaming journey.

All of these amazing spots for smoke throws are mentioned in the above tutorials. So if you wanna learn about them, then make sure to go through the above tutorials.

How do you smoke long a dust 2?

If you wanna smoke long in the dust 2, then we will recommend you to go through the tutorial mentioned below. This tutorial starts at 8:23 and you should watch from there to onward.

And that’s because, in that part of the tutorial, you will find answer to smoke long in dust 2 question.

Why is dust 2 the best map?

Dust 2 is no doubt one of the most famous maps in the CS: GO and the main reason behind that is its simple yet addictive design. It comes with clearly defined sides and is simplified into a 9 box design.

How do you jump throw in CSGO?

In order to jump throw in CSGO, first, you will have to choose the weapon that you wanna throw. After selecting the weapon, you will have to hold the left-click button on your mouse.

Holding the left click button on the mouse will make the weapon ready to be thrown. While holding the left-click button, you will have to jump and when you are at the peak of your jump, you will have to release the left click.

How to smoke through while running?

Throwing smoke while running is quite similar to jump throw. First, you will have to press the left click and keep holding it. While holding the left click button, you will have to run and while running you will have to release the left click button. Doing so will enable you to smoke throw while running.

So that is all from the “best smoke spots in dust 2” article. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. We hope that you have very much enjoyed reading this article and it has proved useful for you. You may also like to read: how to charge a vuse without a charger

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