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Why Does Apple Music Play Automatically In Cars?

So Why Does Apple Music Play Automatically In Cars? One of the great things about having an Apple device is that you can use all of its features in your car. For example, did you know that your Apple music will automatically start playing when you turn on your car? 

This is a great feature for those who love to listen to music while they drive. In this article, we will discuss why Apple decided to include this feature and how it works. We will also provide some tips for those who want to disable it.

CarPlay is a feature that was first introduced in iOS version seven. It allows users to control their iPhones using the car’s built-in display and controls. CarPlay can be used to make phone calls, send and receive text messages, play music, and get directions.

One of the most convenient features of CarPlay is the ability to control your music using the car’s built-in controls. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can use CarPlay to play your music, create playlists, and more.

When you get in your car and connect your iPhone to CarPlay, Apple Music will start playing automatically. This is because CarPlay is designed to give you a seamless experience when using Apple Music in your car.

If you don’t want Apple Music to play automatically when you get in your car, you can disable this feature in the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap “Music” and then scroll down and tap “CarPlay.” From here, you can turn off the “Automatically Play Songs” option.

But what if your favorite song is playing while you are driving?

This is the worst thing to happen, especially when you have kids or children in the car. It may become dangerous to them as the songs are loud and you are distracted.

I know how it feels when you don’t control the music and you can’t turn off the volume, and that is exactly what happens in your car.

You are in the middle of the road, you see a child walking toward you and you just don’t realize that your favorite song is playing.

It is not easy to control the music volume that can’t be turned off. So, you have to sit and listen to the song.

Apple Music plays automatically in the car as a default setting. This is because many people find it helpful to have their music start playing as soon as they get in the car. It can be a nice way to start your drive with some good tunes. However, if you don’t want this feature, you can easily turn it off.

To turn off the automatic playback of Apple Music in your car, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, scroll down and tap on “Music.” Next, under the “Playback” section, toggle off the “Autoplay” switch. 

Stopping Apple Music From Playing Automatically with Timer

If you are thinking about whether this is possible or not, then let me tell you yes it is absolutely possible. When you want to stop playing music the timer feature will help you in this, and this is the thing that is decided by you. This issue can be solved, you just have to follow the steps that are mentioned below. 

  • The very first thing that you have to do is go to the Clock app.
  • The timer button at the bottom of the clock app needs to be tapped.
  • To pick the interval time use the time picker
  • Press the option that says “when time ends” button. 
  • Now you have to choose the “Stop Playing” option
  • Now, at last, you just have to tap “Set” and then select the “Start” option so that the timer can be started.

What is the way of topping apple music from Automatically Playing with Handoff

The Handoff feature allows you to continue the playing of videos and audio on your phone. To stop apple music from playing automatically you have to disable this feature.

  • Open your iPhone and open the settings app
  • Now the next step is that you have to choose the “General” button & then the “Handoff” option.
  • Now you have to disable this feature to fix this autoplay issue of apple music.

Transfer The Songs Of Apple Music to Other Players for Playing

You can also send your situation to the Apple store if you would like more professional help, but only if you do not want to use the methods above or did not get a solution even after using the above methods, other solutions can also be a way to solve this issue.

If you want to play Apple Music on other music apps, you can transfer it to other apps. You don’t have to pay too much money to start any new subscription on other music apps. You can listen to your favorite Apple Music songs with sound quality. It is important to convert Apple Music to mp3 before you transfer it to other music apps.

FAQs- Why does Apple music play automatically in cars?

Q: How to turn off the automatic playback of Apple Music in the car?

A: You can turn off the automatic playback of Apple Music in your car by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and scrolling down to tap on “Music.” Next, under the “Playback” section, toggle off the “Autoplay” switch. That’s all to it!

Q: Can I still use Apple Music if I disable the automatic playback feature?

A: Yes, you can still use Apple Music even if you disable the automatic playback feature. You will just need to manually start playing music from your iPhone when you want to listen to it in your car.

Q: What other questions do people have about using Apple Music in their car?

A: Some other questions people have about using Apple Music in their car include how to connect their iPhone to their best car stereo and how to control playback from the steering wheel. 


Apple’s automatic car play is a strategic decision that benefits both the company and its customers. By automatically playing Apple Music in cars, Apple can increase its subscriber base and keep users engaged with the service.

Car manufacturers are also happy to have an official partner in streaming music, as it can help them sell more cars.

We hope you liked this article and got all the information you needed to know. If you face any issues you can freely let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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